Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Little Fear

I am terribly afraid of the phone. Answering it. Speaking... human contact... It's just the worst. I seem unable to understand the person on the other end of the line, regardless of their accent. So the rare times I do use the phone (even, to some extent with my own family) I get nervous. Really nervous.

It's something I choose to avoid at all costs.

And last year was my first year paying taxes. Bear with me, I promise these topics are related.

Paying taxes is not exactly something you look forward to. It's less money in my bank account, but I suppose it helps America out n'all. So I went through my first mess of taxes. Being employed by my dad apparently means I'm a contracted business. I'm a business!? Yes. This was news to me as I went about the trouble of which tax forum to use, online or off (offline for me) and all that trouble that comes with taxes.

There was much hard work put into sending that money out to the government. My first year of paying taxes, finally passed. Until the new year my friend.

But do I get peace?


A little letter came in the mail the other day. It traveled all the way from... well, wherever it came from. All the way to my little home to wreak havoc in my peaceful little life.

The IRS has informed me that, according to their record, I did not pay my taxes. But I can assure you, the story above is entirely true. I payed my taxes like an obedient citizen should do. Did they notice?

Apparently not.

So guess what I get to do? Oh it'll be a ball. See, I get to call a complete stranger, and sort out this problem because I do indeed have proof of my innocents. Won't that be so fun? Nervously sweating, heart pounding as though I'm running from a murderer, when in fact I'm just calling someone about a simple little mistake.

You know what I have to say to you, little phone that brings me torment?

Stay classy my friends.


  1. I can't even! My breath is gone. Done for. You have stolen it by making my laugh so hard. I wonder if the IRS will be after you for that too. ;) XD

    1. Your breath is mine and you shan't be getting it back without paying a hefty ransom.

  2. I HATE PHONES TOO!! Especially those awful ones by dressing rooms where you have to ask for an attendant. I would just rather buy no clothes than speak to a stranger over a phone.

    1. OH GOSH THOSE ARE THE WORST. Like, you know what this shirt isn't that cute after all let's put it back okay lol bye.