Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independance Day!

You know what the Fourth of July meant to me as a child? I remember much of the neighborhood gathering together, barbecuing and having fun. Or going to a friends house, and playing in the lake outside their backdoor and watching the fireworks when the sky got dark. I think of our trips to Oregon to celebrate, and sitting atop a giant rock and watching Pilot's Bute catch on fire as they light fireworks, as it often does on July Fourth.

It was a time to see friends, hang out, and watch the pretty explosions in the sky.

But no. The Fourth of July should be called by it's rightful name. Independance Day. Because that is the day America gained FREEDOM!! IN YOUR FACE KING GEORGE.

It's on this day, that people set America free and all that history stuff.

I know. For being a history obsessed maniac I don't seem to know much. Fact is, I'm not as up to date on my American history as I am on my knowledge of everywhere else. The most I know about America is what I've learned from Hamilton.

Thank you Lin for educating me.

Happy Independence Day to you all! Be safe! Light a lot of fireworks!

Unless they're illegal where you live. If that's the case, watch your neighbors illegally fire them instead. Just as awesome, and you stay on the right side of the law.

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