Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Get-To-Know-Me Tag

The unlawful ways of my outlaw friend are starting to rub off on me. I couldn't pass up this tag, and since I wasn't tagged for it, I decided to do it anyway. Looks like my life of crime starts today...

Vital Stats
Name: Alina Nadine Blanchard.

Nicknames: I don't have a nickname, but I do have a long name! Angelina. It's not literally an elongated version of my legal name. It's just... my long name.

Birthday: December 6th

Place of Birth: Washington State, in some random duplex that I have no memory of. Okay I suppose it's not a random duplex if we lived there...

Star Sign: Sagittarius. I may not actually believe in the whole horoscope thing, but I do find it amusing to read "about myself" through them.

Occupation: Administrative Assistant. Sounds fancy. But I actually work for my dad. So it's not as fancy as it may sound. I prefer Empress of PDF's, considering that's half of what I do at my job.

Hair color: *awkwardly pulls pony tail around* Brown I suppose. Maybe a slightly dark brown? Eh, let's just go with brown.

Hair length: A few inches past my shoulder. Unless it's wet. Then it's a few inches longer than that.

Eye color: Brown. Though when I got my enhanced ID the man behind the counter decided to ignore my claim to brown eyes, and input Amber. Which I am totally okay with.

Best feature:  Erm, well... I've always liked my eyes but honestly I have no idea.

Braces: Never had 'em before, never plan to have them.

Piercings: That would be a solid zero. I suppose certain types of ear piercings would be cool. But do I want to spend money to be in pain? Not remotely.

Tattoo: Yet another no. I'm not a fan of something so permanent. Not to mention painful.

Righty or Lefty:  Right. Except when I do cartwheels. I don't understand it either.

Best friend: The first friend I can remember is Kylie. We were quite the pair in the old days.

Award: I don't think I've ever won an award in my life... unless you count my participation trophy for baseketball. Yeah, we'll go with none...

Sport: Basketball. Though I was so little, I didn't really play it. Rather, I was the kid on the wrong side of the court, bouncing around in her own world, just pray the ball wouldn't be passed to me because STRESS.

Real holiday: I actually have literally no idea. So maybe Christmas? 

Film: I'm just going to rattle off all the films that first come into my brain because THIS QUESTION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Star Trek Eleven, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean (excluding the fourth mind you), Harry Potter, Men in Black, Captain America Civil War, Age of Ultron, Avengers, Ever After, etc.

TV Show: Again, off the top of my head: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Monk, Psych, etc.

Color: Blue. Though I've come to admire certain shades of green.

Song: You know what, this entire category is torture, so I'm going to go mostly by artist, but list a few of my favorites too: Imagine Dragons (Smoke+Mirrors Deluxe in particular), Sleeping at Last (Atlas: Year One BECAUSE PERFECTION FRIENDS. PERFECTION.), Taylor Swift (Wildest Dreams, Blank Space, Out of the Woods), Two Steps from Hell (Miracles, Flight of the Silverbird, Compass AND ALL OF THEM), Kiss Me I'm Irish by Gaelic Storm, Lorne Balfe (Assassin's Creed 3 soundtrack, AMIRIGHT), Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, the soundtrack of ages), etc. (this list could go on for hours)

Restaurant:  P.F. Changs. Usually I don't like going out, due to allergies and an intense dislike for salads (usually the only thing remaining that I can eat), but P.F. Changs makes THE BEST spicy chicken and it's gluten free, duh, and just seriously the best thing ever

Shop: Half-Price books. Because, you know, cheap books yissss

Books: Here we go with the lists again: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, Royal Diary series, Darkwood, The Wild Mustang, etc.

Shoes:  My boots. Technically they're hipster boots. But I have thrown them in the mud. Literally, like I wear the to the stable and they're covered in mud and manure and I love them.

Feeling: Happy, thoughtful, excited, content, exhausted, inspired, on top of the world (not to mention the multitude of other emotions underlying beneath me. Those are just the most prominent)

Single or taken:   I wanted to be witty and say something about how I'm taken and all. But I'm about as single as they come.

Eating:  I'm not eating anything right now...? Last thing I had was a Hubert's Strawberry Lemonade though...

Thinking about: That I should be editing/plotting my novel instead of procrastinating and writing here

Watching: DUHorsemanship

Wearing: My Wicked t-shirt, pajama pants, and magnificent blue socks that are technically normal but I love them

Want children: I would say yes. Though I can be awkward around kids (or everyone I suppose), I actually do look forward to raising children. Though I like the thought of them once they're more like, 3-4+. I'm not really a baby person.

Want to be married:  Indeed! I look forward to the day I'm married, and often find myself wondering how I'll ever decide what I want my wedding to be like. Quite frankly I like such a range of styles, that picking one is practically impossible.

Careers in mind: Horseback riding instructor, horse trainer, horse vaulting (maybe), writer

Where you want to live: My heart belongs to Washington, and it will be the home for the rest of my days. I do want to travel, and while I want to start my business as soon as possible, I also think it would be cool to live in England and France for a bit, and even California. But ONLY because I think it would be cool to work in Disneyland for a little bit. Otherwise I could care less about California.

Do You Believe In
God: Only completely.

Miracles:  I've been witness to many small miracles, so absolutely.

Love at first sight: As romantic as it sounds, love at first sight is a ridiculous idea. You cannot know a person by looking at them.

Ghosts: Only in the metaphorical sense. So no.

Aliens: I don't know about humanoid intelligent whatnot creatures, but I think it's maybe possible that some form of life could exist on other planets. Though I could go into deep contemplation on both why it's possible, and why there's also probably nothing. But overall I think some form of life (be it plants, or plankton) could exist.

Heaven: Absolutely.

Hell: You can't have Heaven without Hell sooo... yeah.

Kissing on the first date: Not so much. Yeah, no. Why should we take something that should be specially shared between two people, and throw it around with a bunch of people? It makes it ordinary. I think it's best to wait until you're married.

Yourself: On my own, I'm a wreck, and I know from those times I've forgotten that God is with me through everything. So no, I don't believe in myself. God is the one who holds me together, and He is the one I believe in.


  1. Lovely answers. :) There were some answers that you put that I was thinking, "Yeah! Why didn't I think of that?" XD

  2. Okay don't know what it is but "get to know me" posts are just the best things in the world.