Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why Starting is Hard: A First Post by Me

Why hello there, I'm Alina. Welcome to my awkward first post. I'm never really sure how to start these things out, so I'll just talk about myself for starters. Good to know who you're dealing with, wouldn't you agree?

I happen to be in my eighteenth year of life at the moment (so I'm seventeen, just to clear up any confusion I intended by wording my age in such a way). My hair is untamable and curly. And big. Too big for my taste, but people say it looks fine. So at least some people like it I suppose.

My job is something that takes too much explaining, so I'll just say I'm an Administrative Assistant, or in other words, Empress of PDF's. You need something done with 'em, I'm who you call. Seriously, half of my job is working with PDF's.

If you ever happen upon my Pinterest you'll gather that I'm a writer pretty quickly, as half of my boards are dedicated to story inspiration. I also have a large assortment of boards dedicated specifically to my novels I'm working on now. But those are secret, so you shan't find them. Unless you hack into my account. That would be unfortunate for me.

The barn, in my mind, is the place to be. I ride once a week at All Star Stables, the best stable in the world. Wonderful people, equally great horses, and a cozy atmosphere. I trade work for lessons, so every Thursday I'm out working with the horses. It's more than I could have dreamed for, as my current future plans include running an equestrian center. What I've learned about caring for horses has been just as valuable as what I've learned in riding.

Quick note between interests here, it's kind horrible having two passions that sound identical in speech. Writing and riding. They can be easily confused and I've actually mistook one for the other in a conversation before. Needless to say that was awkward.

Moving on to the job we all wish was real, but really isn't. Being a fangirl. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Kidding, I love being a fangirl. I have many a fandoms, and I won't even try to list them here. So keep an eye out in my posts to see what I'm obsessed with. Or ask. That's cool too.

History is yet another passion of mine. All my life I've enjoyed historical fiction, but it's come to more than that. I'm obsessed with the Romanov history, as well as highly intrigued by Elizabeth's story, Catherine the Great's life story, particularly that of before she was Empress, and not to mention countless other royals through history. I'm sure you can expect posts here and there about my findings. I get rather excited about it, but don't have anyone with quite the same enthusiasm about my small findings in the pages of history.

Finally we land on the topic of music. A subject that has infiltrated my heart and taken over my soul (just realised that was like a twisted quote of Love Never Dies). I know many a persons who are moved by music. In fact, I think a rare few people don't have some attachment to a song. But I've apparently always been a musical type person. According to other people I have a talent for hearing songs and being able to recreate them on piano. I've never felt this as anything other than normal. My love for music has even branched into composing, an interest which I haven't pursued as much as I hope to do in the future.

I also like an assortment of other things, but honestly these are the main ones that define me. But before I wrap up I at least had to mention that I enjoy baking quite a bit (I've baked over ten cakes this year. Not for any occasion. I just really like cake). Generally the mood strikes on a Wednesday, the day I am in charge of keeping the kitchen clean. Honestly, how do I manage that...

You now know my life story. Who I am. Where I've been. Strengths and weaknesses. All there for the taking.

So drop a comment! Share my posts if you find them worthy! Tell your friends, and most definitely come back for more.


  1. Your blog looks amazing! You have gained a follower (like I wasn't going to follow you whether or not your blog was awesome). XD

    1. Glad to know I have one loyal fan, even if I go AWOL or something. XD